Cinema on your Doorstep

Cinema on your Doorstep

Community Cinema in action at Carshalton Methodist Church

We offer film-based programmes to church friends and members of our community groups most months – popular films you missed the first time around; movie classics; comedies; and musicals. The picture on the right shows our recent screening of the remastered 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia in its original 1:2.20 format. Photo by Tony Pattison.

We charge no admission fees but invite donations to cover our licence fees and purchase of equipment and films. We will send you email details of our forthcoming programmes and events if you let us have your email address. Please email your details to

Reel Life - Let's talk about the Movies

Films contain messages and film directors deal with issues, just like the writers of good books and sermons. We discuss films shown at our afternoon matinees and share thought-provoking film notes with our audiences. Come and explore the world of the movies with us.

Coming to our Community Cinema screen soon

Admission free - donations appreciated. Sub titles for people with hearing difficulties on all films unless stated otherwise

Frozen - Wednesday 10th December at 5.00pm - doors open at 4.30pm. This is  our community cinema's Family film for Christmas with sing-a-long subtitles. Film rated PG - please accompany your children. Admission free - donations appreciated.

Disney's latest offering, Frozen, has proved a real winner with adults and children alike. In our sing-a-long version of the movie a bouncing snowflake maintains the beat and rhythm of the popular songs and we will invite you to join in the singing if you wish. The animated film tells the story of a land put under the spell of permanant winter by the Snow Queen Elsa. Her sister, the fearless Anna, resolves to find Elsa and get her to change the weather back. She enlists the help of a rugged mountainman, his loyal reindeer and a hilarious snowman and together they go on a race to find Queen Elsa and save the kingdom.

The Book Thief - Saturday 31st January at 3.00pm and 7.30pm Doors open half an hour before show times. Film rated 12. Admission free - donations appreciated.

The Book Thief is set in the era of Nazi Germany. It tells the story of Liesel, an 11 year-old girl adjusting to her new foster parents in a small German town after her younger brother dies and her communist mother flees the country. Initially Liesel is illiterate but her new foster father teaches her to read. She becomes a voracious reader at a time when books have become scarce with the Nazis’ penchant for book burning. Geoffrey Rush, as the girl’s foster father, steals the show with Emily Watson giving strong support as his stern but caring wife. The photography and wintry shots of the German town are gorgeous and really add to the film’s charm.

Community Cinema at Carshalton Methodist Church is a member of Damaris Film Clubs. These bring together friends, families, clubs and communities to share, explore, reflect and discuss movies, their themes and the ideas they raise. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Sutton Community Fund

Our community cinema is also supported by Sutton Community Fund





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